Let me tell you a story. The road didn’t cut corners. I wanted to have, now, immediately. Luckily it was a good few years back.

I dreamed about my own studio. When all else drove in a car trunk. Backgrounds. tripods and suitcases full of various decorations. Perpetually sweaty, laden.

Years passed. In desperation, I imagined two flower beds in front of the entrance and sign … in my own home. Then came the windows, lots of windows and white walls. The case has sharpened so that I’ve seen every detail. I’m shooting myself how I make coffee. People, their faces, prepared paper bags with pictures for pickup.

Just as hell do? …

One, one favorable circumstance made it a White Studio. Only then still I did not know it. I found a warehouse for lumber, which had quite a few. After a few months I was told that i have to leave this place . I moved to the part where I made a solid piece of work to preper that place for using.

After a year  neighbors left 125m2 . Higher cost, risk and opportunity. I took a chance. Condition of the property (* hu ?? !!!! ##> !! $%). Re-renovation. Personally nailed nails, wallpaper, painting the floor. Then just better . They pass two years. so it looks like today, my studio.

anja choluy white studiowhite studio

White Studio   White Studio

White Studio     white studio

White Studio

white studio

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