Theresomething special about my travels to Oslo. So many times, and the same eternal admiration. Childish rapture. Driving, I thought about what this is about.

Everyone has their favorite things, places, smells. I pulled out of the city view of old town houses and cafes on every corner, style of living, symbiosis with nature, simplicity of life and design.

Invariably, I go with a paper cup of coffee, even though I have a nice thermo, which by the way I bought in Norway. I agree to amendments to three seasons within hours, even so still riding withoutwellies. And most importantly at a pedestrian crossing I am treated like royalty – everyone is.

IMG_3623-0Tomorrow session in Drammen and therefore I promised myself that I will tell you about a store that I recommend you visit absolutely all admirers of Scandinavian design.

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