Funny story about what’s above happened to me 2 days ago.

I raced with my Son to the beach. After a while he screams : ” WHO’S FIRST IT HAS MORE OF NOTHING! “.

I reallize : If You surrender to life , You will be pleasantly surpriced .

Even when You run into rocks ( as we did Yesterday on Blue Lagoon ), You discovered how well You are climbing without the shoes 🙂

An example from Yesterday :

Marina with boat to Blue Lagoon should be just around the corner. I made sure at the reception. Temperature 39 degrees but we decided to walk.

2 km around the corner – NOTHING. Another 30 min. walking. Here is someone with the leaflet. Tomorrow MADAM. All floated at 10.30.

We sit on the nearest beach … Tired as hell and what we see?

A boat to Blue Lagoone!

About whom i meet during this trip i will tell You next Time ( promiss), but what i want to say is that Yesterday life gave me more i could imagine. I didn’t push. I managed 🙂

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