Let’s start from the beginning. On the one hand we have a Client ,on the other hand Photographer. One team but two sides of the story.

Photographer has his own vision, sees the result before he starts and ofcourse wants to show – lets say – product in a unique way.

Client also has his vision and – what’s unerstandable – wants to do it proper ( read:the same way as others). For many Clients Photoshooting is equal to the nightmare and belive me, clients truly feel this way, especially when they have to play the models role.

Imagine a Woman. She has a big cloud over her head ( oohhh God! I’m fat, I’m old, I’m ugly, I’m …… ) – yes the list is long. And when She sees herself on a picture, she sees thru that cloud. It comes down, in the end, to how do You get through all the barriers we have. Not easy for both sides.



What to do then? To create an amazingpictures, keep satisfied, and what’s more importand satisfied our Client?

  • Be sure about Your Client expectations
  • Make sure he knows Your Style of Photography
  • Introduce him Your idea and explain why it’s appropriate
  • Ask him to trust You relying on Your experience
  • Be respectful and patient with Your Client’s fear
  • Don’t waste Your openness of mind under the guidlines pressure – this is the heaviest part.


Anja Choluy




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