We all know Social Media are one of the biggest machines to communicate with our clients.

Its not easy to be visible, followers became demeaning and impatient but from the other side the window is wild open to the whole world.

Is it any secret to success in social Media than?

I would say it doesn’t exist but there is few rules and some tools to use and make Our Bussines Profiles authentic and professional.

I gained this knowledge through my experience and I shared it with representatives of FossilPoland  brand on my Workshop.

My part was the last one of 2 days panel so I was a bit afraid of people being tired but when we started to talk about possibilities, solutions and options we opened our minds and put knowledge in action right away.

Results? Wow! Unexpected!

Look what happened on this people Business Profiles.

Instead of using IStock pictures they started to take a pictures of the products they represent.

Create their on compositions, post produces and tag they have a big influence on their profiles.

Clients can finally and trully meet them, identify with them and be the part of their community.

I’m so proud!


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