Today I want to show You how I got 5000 followers in three weeks. I didn’t expect such a  surprise but when i realized how it happened I decided to share this knowledge with You.

This is not a key because honestly I think it’s to many variables to have one, but it is an example of what can happen when You prepare things up to the detail. Luck is also one of the variables so …

I Wish you good luck but most of all I wish you to don’t loose your honesty and professionalism.

This is my way :

1.First You need to have or find an interesting content – it’sbvious but not easy.

2. Second You need to create post wich is honest, interesting and due to the content You decided to publish.

3. Post need to be based on good quality image wich should be taken by You. Only then you can be sure you’re create unique and specific post – instagram is based on Images!

4. Lately, You should take care of specific #tags wich are based on the context – don’t tag to much and don’t use popular tags just because they are … popular. It doesn’t mean effective.

5. Last step is to post it as a sponsored one on instagram and observe the customers or potential clients reactions.

In three weeks I published one and the same post 4 times with small modifications ( tags, days, budget, target group).

What happened with it was really impressive and I didn’t expect such a impressive results!  

I Used my “Frida Khalo” picture and people just started to like this exact post plus others arround and at the end they started to follow my profile.

I wish You the same or even more!

Anja Choluy


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