white studio anja choluy

Is it just me or is it global madness about Woman in Business?

” Success is a woman” , ” Realise your potential”, ” Show them You can” – what is that suppoused to mean? I’m sorry. I am a Women. 100 %. In business since more than 10 years and  I’ve learned  one thing: Without men’s help or friends help I wouldn’t be where I am now.

You don’t need to answer now. Just look in the mirror and say : All my success is only and exclusively my merit.

If You do, You have my true appreciation. Because if I look deeper on my business way I need to trully admit that even small advice make my business groving.

I could not afford all that I am now without advice and knowledge I got from men. We are good, irreplaceable in areas Men’s can only imagine. But they are way better than us with being stable. Aren’t we more emotional ? That makes us special.Isn’t it?

Business is merciless. Let’s not try to be men there. We should better open ourselves to the advice and solutions offered to us by men. It will only strengthen our business.


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