I was wondering durning my flight : how to define who i am by basics.You know, through your actions and favorits. And when i think of Anja Choluy i see 3 things clearly 🙂 Every morning i drink black coffee with no sugar, to almost every meal i add jalapenõs and when the evening comes i enjoy it with glas of red wine. Wine Needs to be dry as much as can possible be. Arround all of this i have my rituals wich makes the moment more valuable and precious. Shapes matters, color of plate matters, type of a glass. Color of wine, freshness of coffee, spicyness of food. No rush, attention and enjoyment. Ohhh how this things can charge me!

Tell me my dear reader, do You have the same? Your way of everyday being? Your rituals wich makes You feel more balance? More You?

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