INSTA trends

Gym, elevator, exclusive holiday, coffee, fashioning and bodies.

Pranks due to trends, and super sexy Yoga girls which some boys going crazy about 🙂

What instagram is for?

Maybe for sharing your best moments when you feel happy and sexy? Maybe for letting your friends know how you feel when you see an amazing places on this planet ?

Maybe to present your piece of work or mood or environment?

Or maybe because you need someone’s attention?

Someone who says that you doing great and you’re perfect? I suppose not for critics right? We, people don’t like it.

Definitely it is part of communication between us, just to let others know what we do. But if you think further you will realize – no one cares.

What’s even worse when you publish to much you ere like unwelcome guest on someone’s wall.

So be wise and think before you post, because secret about you is much more powerful than obvious facts.


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