Today I wanna share with you very important and common phenomenon.

SELF PHOTO or selfie if you prefer.

Do You know it is the most- published type of photos on the internet?

There’s many reasons why we like to photograph ourselves and One of it is that we have control of how we look and we don’t need to brake the barriers between us and a photographer because they are already broken 🙂

But what happens when we ave our favorite shot?

We using apps to edit our selfie and we become an artist who create reality. And it’s very ok. It is. But only when You using it wisely.

A specially when you’re public person or want to be.

Reputation is smth you build for so long and belive me, you can destroy it way faster.

So get to know tools and apps to make your pictures better, to make them shine like a diamond 💎 but pease don’t Use this weapon against yourself.

Here is an basic example what you can do with smartphone photo in 5-10 min.

First has almost zero retouch

Second has it much more :

Last two is a creation based on the second version :

Selfie : Anja Choluy 😉


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